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For operators that wish to allocate their workforce to revenue generating tasks, SelfBrief is the perfect solution to ensure you have a suite of accurate, current, and detailed airfield briefs. Join the growing list of operators working with SelfBrief to create an eco-system of pilot and operator feedback going into our growing brief library.
SelfBrief now integrates with multiple platforms, one example being Leon Software, where our briefs automatically display the airport category from your Leon airport database. Not only is it highly efficient, but it also is a final ‘barrier’ for the crew to be made aware if, for example, an airport is either not categorised or is prohibited.

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Explore our extensive Brief Library effortlessly, providing you with a comprehensive repository of crucial information for your flights

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Easily request a new brief, with added operator specific notes

Dedicated Support

We understand that clarity and support are essential. Our app offers a user-friendly interface for you to seek assistance whenever needed.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Insights

Your Management System no longer has to work alone. With SelfBrief, you get feedback from operators across industry, sharing their knowledge and experience.

About Us

With backgrounds in corporate aviation and airlines, with roles including flying, postholder and business management across the leadership team, we understand and have worked hard to produce market leading airport briefs.

They are updated as per regulations, and can work with your SMS to close that loop, so you can focus on your operation and business.

To date, SelfBrief has 8 senior pilots, and an operations centre, experienced in operating in and out of Airports Worldwide.

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